Hola, Hello, Hallo!

Some of my interests within the User Experience field are:

🟢 Collaborative Work

🔵 Strategic Thinking

🟣 Inclusive Design

🟠 Participatory Design

🟡 Knowledge Sharing

In April 2022, I started a two years Master’s program in Human-Computer Interaction at Universität Siegen in Germany.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and worked for several years in the education sector in Colombia.

While working as a Projects Coordinator, my curiosity about interaction between humans and technology arose. The wide variety of opportunities and challenges in the field of interaction desgin inspires me to continuously learn about human-centered digital solutions.


Human-Computer Interaction – Interaction Design Foundation

Web Design for Usability – Interaction Design Foundation


This site is under construction 💙

You can explore and probably will find some sections that are being updated.

thanks for your visit!
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