Don’t make me think – Summary Notes

Don’t make me think –  Summary notes  This is a book about design and usability principles that even today, several years after its first edition (2000), is still current. Steve Krug introduces the way we human beings interact with systems and our common attitudes toward websites. This is a practical tool to build better experiences […]

Foundations of UX Design Course: Comprehensive Summary

Foundations of UX Design  Comprehensive Summary  After completing the first course of the Google UX Design Professional Certificate: Foundations of User Experience Design, I was motivated to gather my study notes to share a comprehensive summary. Summary content: Course overview Week 1: Introducing user experience design Week 2: Getting to know common terms, tools, and […]

7 Takeaways about Inclusive Design from Interaction Design Latin America 2021

7 Takeaways about Inclusive Design from  Interaction Design Latin America 2021  From 10th to 12th November I attended the Interaction Design Latin America 2021, a virtual conference organized by members of World Association for Interaction Design IxDA and held in Costa Rica. The following takeaways about Inclusive Design come from the conference “Participation, ideation and inclusion: […]

Knowledge Management and Digital Transformation in Colombia

Knowledge Management and Digital Transformation  in Colombia  The relationship between Knowledge Management and Digital Transformation is relevant to enterprises that work to stay up-to-date in the digital age. In Colombia, small and big organizations from different industries face challenges related to digital transformation. Adopting a strategic knowledge management approach as a driver of transformation could […]