I work to understand human practices in order to design meaningful experiences

I work to understand human practices in order to design meaningful experiences

I am Maria, a UX Designer currently studying a master’s in HCI at Universität Siegen in DE

UX Designer + UX Researcher
@ Google Certificate

UX Designer + UX Researcher
@ Universität Siegen 

UX Designer + UX Researcher
@ Universität Siegen – Work in progress

I utilize qualitative and quantitative methods to comprehend individual and social practices, behaviors, needs, and pain points, enabling me to inform design solutions.

My objective is to boost user satisfaction, improve product usability, and drive overall success by crafting designs that align with user needs and business goals. To achieve this, I employ a human-centered approach, utilizing Interaction Design and Usability methods, along with Visual Design skills.

My web design process includes context and content analysis, user research, design concept generation, CMS design, and SEO optimization.

 Blog post 

Reflection on the relationship between knowledge management and digital transformation in Colombia.

 Course summary 

Comprehensive summary of the first course of the Google UXD Professional Certificate: “Foundations of UX Design.”

 Summary notes 

This book by Steve Krug is a practical tool to build better experiences on the web.

 Conference takeaways 

Takeaways about Inclusive Design from the conference Interaction Design Latin America 2021.

Hola, Hello, Hallo!

I have a great enthusiasm for the interaction between humans and technology, as well as the challenges and opportunities that this dynamic presents.

Some of my interests within the Human-Computer Interaction field:

🟢 Collaborative Work

🔵 Strategic Thinking

🟠 Participatory Design

🟡 Knowledge Sharing

As a UX Designer, I approach problems and opportunities through the application of human-centered research and design methods. My focus is on transforming strategic requirements and questions into relevant research findings and high-fidelity design concepts and prototypes.

Currently: Human-Computer Interaction Master’s student @ Universität Siegen

Previously: Business Administration Bachelor’s @ Universidad Javeriana

Human-Computer Interaction – Interaction Design Foundation

Web Design for Usability – Interaction Design Foundation

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